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E-STEP Training Workshop organized in Sofia

On the 27th of May a special workshop earmarking Phase B of the international project E-STEP was held in Sofia. The event took place in the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics situated in the heart of the Bulgarian Academy of Science Campus. The workshop was part of the special Information day organized by the Greek educational organization Elinogermaniki Agogi and few academic partners from Bulgarian side, including National Research Network Association (NRN A), which is Bulgarian E-STEP Coordinator. The workshop presentation was made by Mr. Orlin Kouzov – Chairman of NRNA and State Expert in the ICT Directorate of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. The seminar was attended by representatives of 12 Bulgarian Schools including general and vocational schools as well as a school for children with disabilities. There were also representative of the Regional Inspectorate for Education and few university professors.

Among the most interesting issues discussed throughout the workshop was the role of children in the Information age as well as sharing some good practices in teachers-parent engagement. There were representatives of 3 schools from Phase A of the E-STEP project who shared some element of their action plans and expressed their intention for further engagement in the project.


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