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Last workshop on parental engagement issues in Bulgaria gets serious attendance

On the 17th of June 2015 the last E-STEP workshop for Bulgaria took place. It was held in the Center for preparation of students for school Olympiads in Sofia and was attended by 31 representatives of 23 different schools in Sofia. The majority of the participants were directors and deputy directors and there were also school psychologists, teachers in ICT as well as pedagogical advisors. The attendees represented primary and secondary schools, as well as language and vocational schools.

The three modules of the seminar were presented by Mr. Orlin Kouzov – State Expert at the Ministry of Education and Science and national E-STEP coordinator. He shared with the audience the theoretical fundamentals of parental engagement process as well as some purely practical experience from different schools gained throughout the E-STEP project duration. There was serious interest and live discussions during the whole seminar and most of the participants expressed their understanding that parental engagement is underestimated area and needs more serious public attention. Many schools shared their own practices and there were demonstration of using social networking technologies for engaging parents. Mr. Kouzov showed to the audience how to create an online survey form and encouraged the attendees to use the knowledge for communication with parents. The participating teachers expressed their satisfaction of the initiative and showed their interest in further participation in topics related to parental engagement and its influence on the school development.


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