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E-STEP International Conference

E-STEP Conference was hosted by 8th International Conference in Open and Distance Learning 2015 “Innovation and Research in Open & Distance Learning and in Information Communications Technology”. The E-STEP conference program “was built” based on the topics of interest including the vibrant areas of parental engagement research and the use of social media. Prof. Alex Kendall from Birmingham City University (BCU) gave a keynote speech in a large audience of teachers, presenting the necessity of parental engagement and how the social media contribute to the better parents’ and teachers’ collaboration. Prof. John Garofalakis from Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus”, project coordinator of the E-STEP project made a presentation about the project “The E-STEP project”. Ms Brigitte Haider from European Parents’ Association (EPA) made an interesting presentation about the parental engagement “The European perspective on parental engagement in schools” as well. At the end of first part of E-STEP session, Ms Eleni Chelioti from Ellinogermaniki Agogi presented the core of the E-STEP project “E-STEP implementation” such as the Training Framework, the Trainee’s Guide and the Implementation plan giving a spherical picture of the work that has been done and its main results. IMG_2969IMG_2976IMG_3009IMG_3040IMG_3044

The second part of the E-STEP session was dedicated to the teachers’ perception for E-STEP project. It was really interesting and exciting part since teachers from all partners’ countries shared their experience from their participation in E-STEP project and demonstrated their activities and the results of them. Ms Erika Graner and Ms Herta Pichler from Austria, Ms Eleonora Lilova and Mr Asen Alexandrov from Bulgaria, Ms Marilena Kroustalli from Greece, Mr Gerry Diver from Ireland and Ms Anna Cowcher from UK presented the undertaken activities in their schools.


The E-STEP conference closed with a workshop from Mr Dave Harte from Birmingham City University with topic “Introducing/exploring social media platformsIMG_3085

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