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The Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Frauen, BMBF) is responsible for the Austrian school system including adult education and lifelong learning, and women’s affairs mainly supporting gender equality. BMBF is the follow-up ministry of BMUKK (Federal Ministry for education, arts and culture) since March 2014. Since 1997 the Federal Ministry of Education has taken part in a variety of international projects in the field of ICT and education, together with partners throughout Europe. The focus is on projects dealing with science and learning resources, key competences as well as innovation and learning with ICT. The Federal Ministry of Education organises many conferences regularly in different provinces, e.g. BildungOnline and eLearning Conference. These networking activities enable dissemination, focus groups for evaluation and validation and synergies to other projects. Results of former and existing ICT projects will be a main focus for future recommendations. Within the Federal Ministry of Education the Department IT/3 – “ICT for educational purposes” has regular tasks as follows:

• Change agent functions for ICT in education with emphasis on pedagogical use

• Evaluation and documentation of projects with ICT integration in schools

• Transfer of outcomes/deliverables into the national school system coming from international ICT- projects and education policy

• Perception of socio-political aspects of ICT

• Support of innovation in schools through ICT related teaching and learning scenarios by networks of innovative schools