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National Research Network Association (NRN Association)

The Bulgarian National Research Network Association (NRN Association) is registered under the Bulgarian Law as a non-for-profit legal entity carrying out activities to public benefit. Among its founding members are some of the biggest universities in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Transport and Communications and ICT Development Agency. At present the organization comprises 25 academic members, as well as the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, where is registered the official address of operation and associations’ headquarters. The Association achieves its objectives by the following means: Building up and maintenance of virtual spaces (Internet portals) for idea and information exchange among the users of the research networks, as well as between broad social groups that use the new information and communication technologies; Support and participation in projects and initiatives for the development of the information technologies in Bulgaria and abroad; Organization of information workshops and trainings for different social groups, including distance learning; Supporting the education and qualification of pupils, students and specialists, working in the field of the information technologies; Technological, administrative and financial optimization of the connections of Bulgarian organizations and persons of the scientific, information and cultural spheres to the re- search networks; Provision of support to schools and educational institutions that offer ICT training; Organization of educational seminars, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions and other public events dedicated on the promotion of advanced information technologies and multimedia information services; Consulting on technological solutions on ICT Projects, as well as participation in national and international initiatives aiming at the ICT development in the European countries. NRN, in the framework of the E-STEP project, will support the development of collaborative partnerships with external organizations and agencies that support parent and family engagement initiatives to provide needed services, supports, and resources to schools, districts, and families. NRN will help to increase parent engagement in schools in Bulgaria and not only. It guarantees large access to educational communities of implementation, dissemination and importantly exploitation purposes. It will also help schools to sustain parent engagement by addressing the common challenges to getting and keeping parents engaged. NRN has significant experience in EU collaboration projects and experience in areas of pedagogical innovations with the use of ICT.