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Work Packages

WP1: User Needs Analysis WP Leader: EA

The aim of WP1 is to identify the requirements for structuring the Training Framework for teachers. It will therefore identify teachers’ training needs in terms of the professional skills, as well as the attitudes that they should have and (eventually) acquire, in order to foster effective parental engagement in schooling and at the assessment of these skills and attributes. It will also study current trends around Europe regarding collaboration with parents and effective parental engagement in schools with particular focus on interaction practices through social networking tools.

WP2: Design of Training Framework  WP Leader: BCU

The general goal of WP 2 is to focus on the design of the Training Framework curriculum  and the topics to covered, along with guidelines for teachers, school managers and school ICT staff on how to collaborate effectively with parents through social networking technologies, so as to achieve the benefits of parental engagement in schooling. It will be based on the results of WP1.

WP3: Implementation WP Leader:  EA

The aim of WP 3 is to implement the E-STEP training scheme developed in WP2 and to actively engage school staff in school-based collaboration activities with parents in the participating countries, so as to test the efficiency of the developed training framework.  To this end, teachers, school managers and ICT school staff/ experts who work at the schools that participate in the project, will be involved in a series of training activities (on-line training sessions and conventional seminars ), which will be implemented in two phases.

WP4: Evaluation   WP Leader: CTI

The aim of this WP is to design and implement the internal evaluation procedures of E-STEP, collecting evaluation feedback that will improve and/or validate the training approach produced by the project. It will thus focus on evaluating:1)The impact of the developed training framework on teachers (as primary target group) and on parents (as target group involved in school based activities of teacher-parent collaboration (WP3) and 2)The quality of the implementation/ piloting process of the training and the school based activities of teachers’ – parents’ interaction (WP3).

WP5: Dissemination and Promotion WP Leader: BM:BF (formerly BM:UKK)

The aim of WP5 is to promote and disseminate the produced results and outcomes of the project widely and effectively to all potential beneficiaries. Thus, the adopted Promotion and Dissemination process will take place at all levels and at all stages of the E-STEP lifecycle.

WP6: Exploitation of results   WP Leader: ULS

The goal of WP6  is to highlight the potential for further exploitation of the outcomes of the project. All activities undertaken to this end will use the findings of the project as material for the widest possible promotion feeding into potential stakeholders: Ministries of education, Teacher, Educational Networks, Parents organization, and Pedagogic Associations.

WP7: Project Management and Quality Assurance   WP Leader: CTI

Aim of WP7 is ensuring the achievement and quality of the project’s results through the continuous monitoring of the project activities and their proper execution, the coordination of the workplan and the as possible optimum coordination of the partners. Project management aims at the smooth execution of the proposed work plan in terms of timely delivery of outputs, interim, and final results, in terms of quality, and in terms of dependencies among work packages.