Training Workshops in Ireland

The Irish workshops involved teachers from three levels of the educational system: pre-primary, primary and secondary level. The Trainee Guide had been distributed in advance,  with the  audit tool giving great insight into current contexts for the schools. For example, having understanding of their baselines regarding parental engagement helped them to see that engagement on parents’ side was predominantly issue-based. Another teacher felt that connecting with parents led to help for the child at home, with parents gaining a better understanding of the child’s learning needs and patterns.  The level of discussion in the workshops was dynamic, open and honest with ample time available to focus on needs of each […]

Training Workshops in UK (Phase B)

Two training workshops were organized in UK during phase B of the implementation of the  Training Framework. Several schools participated among them the Solihull college, the Redhill School, the Turves Green Boys School, the Blackwood School, the Starbank School, the St Martin’s CE Primary School, the Landau Forte Academy, the Broadmeadow Special School, the St Hubert’s catholic Primary, the St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, the Welford Primary School, the Bishop Milner Catholic School, the Pens Meadow Special School, the Dame Elizabeth Cadbury, the Etching Hill CofE Primary School, the New Invention Infant School, the Caludon Castle School, the Corngreaves Academy, the Streetly Academy and the Causeway Green Primary School. Below you can see some photos from the […]

Training Workshop for Phase B at NMS Marianum Steinberg

The third Phase B training workshop took place at a private secondary school in Steinberg-Dörfl in Burgenland on the 29th of April 2015. Interested teachers and the head of the school discussed about the signification of the national learning platform ( for the involvement and training of parents. On this platform, information to recurrent questions and problem solutions can be retrieved and entered automatically. The platform should be expanded therefore into an interactive communication and information platform for parents. In further development it should be used for communication between teachers and parents. The new communication technologies and social media will enable parents to support the learning process of their […]

OeAD PromotorInnen-Tagung, 22.04.2015, Vienna

On 22th of April, 2015 a national E-STEP Workshop was organized at the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research (, in Vienna. Teachers, policy makers and stakeholders from all over Austria participated to this event. The aims of the E-STEP project and the three modules have been presented. The participants discussed appropriate ideas for parental engagement with the main focus on social media. Especially the national learning platform for schools ( has been chosen by many schools in order to involve their parents in schooling.      

Phase B Workshop at primary school VS Trautmannsdorf a.d. Leitha

Teachers and the school principal attended the Phase B training workshop at the primary school VS Trautmannsdorf a.d. Leitha in Upper Austria on the 26th of March 2015. After analysing the needs of the school the trainees designed a rough concept of the school action plan. The telephone tree, which has been used in emergency cases in the past, has been most of the times proved ineffective. Therefore the school staff proposed the texting method for a better and faster communication between teachers and parents. Each teacher and the school director should install a “Group SMS” App, which is available for free for different platforms (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.). The […]

3rd Training Workshop in Patras

The 3rd Training Workshop was realized in Patras on 29.04.2015. Eight teachers from 4 schools participated in the seminar. The participated schools were the following: 49th Primary School of Patras, 55th primary school of Patras, 13th Junior High School of Patras and 2nd Primary School of Patras “Stroumpeio”.  The schedule of the workshop was followed and all the modules were presented to the trainees. The teachers participated very actively since they already apply actions for parental engagement and they paid special interest on how they can use the social networking tools for this purpose. At the end of the workshop 2 videos from the activities in Birmigham were demonstrated as […]

Phase B Training Workshop in Athens, Greece

The workshop was organized on Tuesday, March 31 2015 in Athens, Pallini, at the premises of Ellinogermaniki Agogi. Fifteen teachers from 7 E-STEP schools participated, representing Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education. The schools were the 2nd Nursery School of Zefyri, the Junior High School of Kampos Chiou, the 9th Junior High School of Acharnes, the 3rd Primary School of Lavrio, the Junior High School of Lechena, the 3rd Junior High School of Nea Philadelphia and the Junior High School of Kato Tithorea. An interesting remark  is that the representation of Secondary Education teachers was higher that from Primary, showing that teachers are still interested in engaging the parents of older […]

Phase B Training Workshop in Western Greece from CTI

The workshop was organized on Tuesday, March 31 2015 in Kato Achaia.  Sixteen teachers from 11 E-STEP schools participated, representing Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education. The schools were the General High School of Kato Achaia, the Technical High School of K. Achaia, the Junior High School of Sageika, the Junior High School of Lappa, the primary school of Ano Alissou, the primary school of Lousika, the primary school of K. Achaia,  the pre- primary school of Niforeika, the 3rd pre primary school of K. Achaia, the 2nd pre-primary school of K. Achaia and the pre-primary school Araxou. During the workshop the teachers had the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and […]

E-STEP sub-communities on ODS

E-STEP is using the infrastructure of the Open Discovery Space pan-European portal in order to facilitate its implementation. More particularly, an international E-STEP community has been set up on the ODS portal, where training materials are made available to the participating schools Within this community, national sub-communities have been set up for Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland and the UK, where the members of school staff that participate in E-STEP can interact with pupils’ parents, share resources and collaborate in various environments (groups, blogs) that also enable them to interact in private groups and discuss issues related with their children’s learning. The E-STEP communities on the ODS portal also provide […]


On 29th November BCU colleagues presented a session entitled “Crossing boundaries and building communities: teacher learning about parental engagement, lessons from the ESTEP project” at the International Professional Development Association (IPDA) Conference at Aston University in Birmingham. In the session we gave an overview of the project’s aims and priorities, shared the findings and recommendations from the needs analysis stage of the project and showcased the ESTEP framework that has emerged from this work. Delegates were interested in discussing the readiness of schools and teachers to make effective use of social media and the diversity of experience between schools across the partnership.