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The goal of E-STEP project is to enhance the benefits that parental engagement has been found to have on pupils. E-STEP aims to achieve this through developing, implementing and evaluating a training scheme for teachers aimed to improve such skills.

The long-term objectives are to:

  • create the conditions for supporting and improving schools’ and parents’ collaboration,
  • raise the awareness of schools across Europe about the significance of parents’ engagement and
  • provide a user-friendly approach  to teachers’ -parents’ partnerships through web tools.

The final outcome of the project will be a specialized training framework and supportive materials for teachers around Europe on:

  • How to support, engage and motivate parents to utilize social networking systems in order to collaborate with teachers
  • Developing strategies and initiatives that teachers and school managers could use to communicate effectively with parents and to engage them in support of their children’s learning at home and at school..
  • Specific approaches for school leaders on how to support their school teachers on designing and effectively implementing parental engagements activities.

The training framework will be sustained in the future through the use of an online training process along with toolkits and guidelines for school staff.  This process will enable teachers to be familiarized with the empirical knowledge about parents’ engagement, and to directly apply this knowledge base in real-life situations in selected pilot schools around Europe.